Bridgestone Winter Tires

The Bridgestone Company story starts in Japan in 1931 when Shojiro Ishibashi began his tire company. The company was named after his last name Ishibashi which means stone bridge. Coincidentally in August of 1900 a man named Harvey Firestone started a tire company in Akron Ohio also naming his company after his last name.

In 1988 for over two billion dollars Bridgestone purchased the Firestone Company and for many became known as the Bridgestone/Firestone Tire Company – becoming the biggest tire and rubber company in the world. Today in America alone Bridgestone has fifty three plants and fifty three thousand employees running them.

Now as the worlds largest tire company Bridgestone is known for being a leader in technology, having the highest quality of products, and having a keen interest in building and bettering the community especially playing a very beneficial part of communities where they have plants.

With Bridgestone being the worlds largest tire company they are an excellent starting place to find winter tires. The Bridgestone Winter Tires are know to be some of the best winter tires one can find especially with the popularity of their Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires and the Bridgestone Winter Dueler tires each having excellent customer reviews.

If you are looking for a suggestion for which Bridgestone Winter Tires to use. Try the Blizzak winter tires they are some of the first tires that were a better choice than normal winter tires because most drivers at the time would try to go all year with all season tires which in most cases is not recommended but at the time seemed like a good idea. These Blizzak tires could almost match the ice and snow traction ability of snow tires that used studded without having used studded themselves. With this type of history who else can match the quality and capability of the Bridgestone Winter Tire.