Goodyear Winter Tires

The Goodyear Tire lineage dates all the way back into the 1800’s with a man name Charles Goodyear who sacrificed all he had and was till he invented the type of rubber necessary for tires and many other goods – through a process called vulcanization – before this the rubber often used for different purposes was unstable and would either freeze or melt before good use of any product could be maintained.

Many will tell you that the beginning of the Goodyear Tire company was not a promising one – especially in 1898 not long after the depression of 1893. Frank Seiberling the founder of Goodyear still took the chance knowing that this would work. For Frank knew that his timing was good with the bicycle boom of the 1890’s.

From the first bicycle tire of 1898 to present day – Goodyear Tire has made it’s way to be the world’s biggest tire retailer – this title was given to Goodyear in 1916 when it grew in leaps and bound from their slogan “More people ride on Goodyear tires than on any other kind,”.

Goodyear today now meets sales close to twenty billion dollars – and it all started at a strawboard factory converted to make tires on the shores of the Little Cuyahoga River in Akron, Ohio.

With Goodyear having one of the most historic and grand tire lineages of all the tire companies is there anywhere else you would want to look for winter tires? Goodyear Winter Tires are said to be not only some of the best winter tires but all the most diverse.

There are many Goodyear winter tires to choose from depending on your needs. You can try the Eagle Ultra Grip GW2, Eagle Ultra Grip GW3, Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 EMT, Ultra Grip Performance, Ultra Grip Ice, and Goodyear Nordic. If you are looking for a suggestion try the Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 series Goodyear winter tires for most winter driving needs.

The Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 tires are Goodyear’s performance winter tire made for drivers of performance sports cars. These Goodyear Winter tires are made to allow great ice and snow traction ability for European fast paced winter driving. This winter tire has most of the necessary winter driving features needed along with being studless and having a wear indicator telling when the tire tread will no longer be affective in the snow.