Hankook Winter Tires

When Hankook’s president said that Hankook Tires is a market driven technology tire company he wasn’t kidding. Hankook tires have some of the latest and greatest technology being incorporated into their tire designs. Hankook tires are considered to be superior products in the tire industry due to the fact that Hankook Tires Co. dedicates are large percentage of their money to research and design.

It has always been Hankook Tires Company’s vision and direction to promise great value in every Hankook product, to be considered an industry standard for customer service, to be a world wide brand, to have consistence in service everywhere, to employee works that are experts in the Hankook tire field, and for the company to have a strong financial back bone with ever growing financial results. Hankook Tire company is known for their progress in enhancing the quality of life for the communities around them.

With Hankook’s excelling excellence in tire technology – Hankook Tire Company is a great place to look for winter tires. Hankook Winter Tires are know for having very good ice and snow traction capabilities. There are many different Hankook winter tires for you to choose from depending on what you need like- Hankook Dynapro IPike and Hankook Icebear are both good choices to choose from – both are know for there ability to cut right through the snow and ice to give you the traction you need this winter.

If you are look for a Hankook winter tires suggestion try Hankook Icebear is has a special asymmetric tire tread with wide grooves to give greater handling in both snow covered and dry conditions. Hankook used a super silica compound along with multi waved kerfs to ward against hydroplaning. The Hankook Icebear tire uses what Hankook calls stiffness control contour technology allowing winter driving speeds of up to two hundred and forty kilometers an hour. This tire is said to be good for wet and dry driving.