Pirelli Winter Tires

Pirelli tires are some of the most respected brand of tires that you could purchase for your car, truck, or motorcycle. Pirelli was founded in 1872 and throughout the years they have created for themselves a reputation that consumers can trust because of the high performance tires that they produce. It is no wonder that they have been dubbed the world leader in original and aftermarket equipment.

Pirelli tires can be purchased from all across the world. Instead of generalizing themselves in one country they have benefited by building 24 factories spread across 12 different countries. Giovanni Battista Pirelli started the company by producing tires that were made from derivative processes and specialized rubber. In 1974 Pirelli tires would change the industry forever due to the “wide radial tire” that the Lancia rally racing team had requested. These special tires were made in such a way that would allow them to endure the high and powerful speeds of the Lancia Stratos car.

Not only are Pirelli tires made specially for race cars – but they are also made for passenger cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Some of the more popular type that they produce is the specially designed Pirelli winter tires. They have four special types of Pirelli winter tires that are made for different cars – but each will be able to allow the driver to drive safely during the harsh winter months.

Winter Sottozero Pirelli Winter Tires

This type of tire is designed to give your car better stability when braking and accelerating during the harsh winter road conditions. These Pirelli winter tires can be used on sports cars that would normally not be able to drive in these dangerous conditions. They are designed with deep diagonal grooves and Sottozero’s tread pattern that helps to reduce the road noise and add more resistance for better handling.

Winter Snowsport Pirelli Winter Tires

Winter Snowsport Pirelli winter tires were designed to allow some of the more high class and sporty sedans to put their superior performance and handling to the test on both dry and wet roads. These tires have been adjusted to allow better handling than before and will increase the safety thanks to the new and advanced silica compounds that it uses.

Winter Carving Edge Pirelli Winter Tires

Winter Carving Edge Pirelli winter tires have been given a more aggressive design when it comes to the tread pattern that they used. The special rims are located beside the riveting area to provide much better lateral draining of the water and better grip when driving on icy roads. Ice, snow, and sleet are no match for your car when you are sporting these safe tires.

Pirelli’s Winter Scorpion Ice & Snow Pirelli Winter Tires

Pirelli’s Winter Scorpion Ice & Snow Pirelli winter tires were designed and manufactured to respond better to the needs of SUV’s. The tread pattern is very unique on these Pirelli winter tires in the fact that they have been given an asymmetric design with zigzag grooves. They are also built with angled tread blocks and a reinforced shoulder area. The combination of all of these features allows the person to drive carefully over rain, water, or snow.