Winter Snow Tires

Winter snow tires are designed and manufactured to help keep people safe while driving on snowy and icy roads. These special winter snow tires are different from certain other tires in both their tread and the type of rubber that is used to make them. Tire manufacturers use rubber that is softer than the type used on summer tires. This allows it to grab hold of the snow and ice easier and safer with less skidding.

However, these specially designed winter snow tires are not made to be driven during the summer because they are too soft. Due to the hot weather they would run down quickly and you would be forced to purchase new tires.

The tread that is used on summer tires is different than that used on winter snow tires. Snow tires are built with more grooves then the average tire. The use of this type of tread is the same as the soft rubber. It will help them to grab hold of the roads when they are covered with ice and snow.

Depending on who you purchase them from – certain winter snow tires are specially designed with sockets that are made to hold metal studs. When installed these studded tires will offer the car additional grip and traction on the icy winter roads. However, in some states using tires installed with metal studs is illegal or must be of a certain kind.

You should consider purchasing winter snow tires for your car if you plan on moving to a region that is known for its harsh winters. They will help to keep you and your family safe as well as the other drivers on the road by reducing your risk of an accident. Make sure that the type of winter snow tires you choose will last you as long as you need them. Sometimes price is not important when it comes to safety.